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The Evolution of Furniture Design: From Classic to Modern with EKAR Furniture

As we look back on the evolution of furniture design from classic to modern, one thing remains constant: the quest for comfort and functionality. This is evident in EKAR Furniture's designs, which prioritize the needs and comfort of their users. With EKAR, you don't have to choose between style and comfort - you can have both.

July 03, 2023

The Evolution of Furniture Design: From Classic to Modern with EKAR Furniture

The design of furniture, much like many aspects of human culture, is not stagnant. It is a dynamic entity that changes over time, reflecting the socio-cultural background of the time, the advancements in technology that are available, and the needs of the users. In this blog post, we will follow the trajectory of time to discuss the evolution of furniture design from classic to modern, with special emphasis on the EKAR Furniture brand.

The timeline of furniture begins from the earliest civilizations where furniture was primarily functional, designed to support human activities. These were made from carved stone, wood or even bones - sturdy and durable, but lacking the aesthetic considerations we associate with furniture today.

As societies evolved, so did the finesse of furniture design. In the Classical era of the Greeks and Romans, furniture wasn't just about function; aesthetics began to play a part. Intricate carvings, lavish decorations, and complex patterns became the norm in furniture design. This trend carried on to the Renaissance period and then to the Baroque and Rococo styles.

Drawing inspiration from these periods, EKAR Furniture's classical furniture line captures the elegance and grandeur of these times. From ornate hand-carved wooden pieces to luxurious upholstery, EKAR's classic line combines age-old craftsmanship with modern comfort to create furniture pieces that are as pleasing to the eye as they are practical.

Coming into the 20th century, the focus shifted from ornate designs to simpler, clean lines. Modern furniture design, influenced by the industrial revolution, places greater emphasis on functionality and minimalism. Materials like steel, plastic, and glass became widely used, and mass production was embraced.

EKAR Furniture's modern line reflects this shift. Their modern furniture designs prioritize practicality and simplicity, featuring sleek lines, innovative materials, and ergonomics. They're perfect for the fast-paced, space-conscious urban lifestyles of today.In the future, as in the past, EKAR Furniture will continue to evolve alongside changes in society, technology, and user needs. The brand will continue to deliver high-quality furniture that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of classic furniture or the sleek simplicity of modern design, EKAR Furniture has something to cater to every style and preference.

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