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July 27, 2022
By Ekar Furniture

From the history of European furniture, we can know that in ancient Egyptian furniture, mother of pearl and ivory were found as inlaid decoration, until Rococo furniture, all the legs of the furniture were curved, and some even the cabinet doors were also treated as soft and undulating curved surfaces. The most typical carving decoration is the ribbon scroll decoration, the leaf decoration all around, and the curving pattern of clamshell and water plant.

As a decorative material for furniture, shells have a long history in furniture manufacturing. Shells come from the seawater, and in freshwater, they belong to gastropods and mollusks of the class callobranchia. The biggest characteristic of these animals is that they have beautiful and solid shells outside their bodies, namely shells.

After entering the private system four thousand years ago, people had the color beautiful, small Numbers of shells used as currency, in many parts of the world, the application of the shell has a long history, Europe, India, China, and Africa, has put the shells as adornment, embedded in a variety of items, enjoy abundant seafood in food, All sorts of the shell using from ancient to modern in the evolution of constantly updated, as people increasingly broad application of shell, the shell of the processing is more and more mature, according to the shell of different colors, different shapes, create beautiful finishes used to decorate a variety of products, while modern furniture classical furniture style restoring ancient ways, is borrowed from the shell of the advantages.

Shell after hot temperature processing, into a flat, convenient furniture panel laminating, from many shells, choose the right size, to form a pattern is a required size, also from a host of shell color, pick out the suitable for the color of panel furniture design to form a unified pattern design, this means that it requires a lot of shells to screen suitable, The shell decoration of the living room, dining room and bedroom series of classical furniture will have different performances in different places, which puts forward high requirements for the selection of shell raw materials. In the continuous exploration, Ekar company increases the depth of the selection of raw materials, so that every product can reflect the dignity and dignity of furniture as much as possible. After the hands of Chinese artisans created, European classical style furniture, coruscate a modern light.



In addition to high quality and beautiful shells for finishes of Antique Furniture, the wood of the frame is also very exquisite. EKAR furniture strictly selects high-quality wood. In the application of all wood furniture in the living room, dining room, and bedroom, classical furniture needs wood resistant to carving to set off the texture of shell technology. Heavy texture is also needed to highlight the temperament of classical furniture, experienced craftsmen have rich experience in the texture and line of wood.

Additional, China supplier selection Europe Birchwood and Ash wood, furniture wood in lumber moisture content after the control of constant temperature room and processing, fully meet the demand of furniture parts, production workshop according to the order of the final destination, to control the moisture content of wood, to make sure whether selling out of furniture In cold, dry or humid region, Can ensure the quality of the furniture is not affected by the weather.

Upholstery choice is always an important element of the furniture, regardless of the classic table, modern furniture, or contemporary furniture, whether sitting room furniture, bedroom furniture, or upholstery fabric, always have the soul of the core role in furniture, under the premise of a sofa in the process perfect, comfortable sense of fabrics and sit let this product had the clever feeling, if you don't comfortable fabrics, People in use will gradually become no longer like her, so that the classic is difficult to cast.

Crafted Classic Furniture

French Classic King Size Bed

king size classic beds

The headboard of this bed adopts shell parquet embroidery technology, with blue flannelette radial pull button processing technology, and the top with copper carving technology, similar to the queen's crown, this bed is suitable for the master room, equipped with 3 different sizes to meet the needs of the master room of the luxury villa.

Shell Luxury Dining Table

Luxury Dining Table

The round table is made of solid mahogany wood, veneer with shell parquet, and pure copper feet. The table is available in 3 standard sizes, while custom sizes are also accepted to meet the needs of large dining rooms.

Classic Dining Chair

Dining Chairs

This classic dining chair is combined with the matching table, bringing new vitality to the whole dining area. The blue fabric is matched with the blue color shell and the  veneer inlay technology, white and blue are interwoven, bringing out the best in each other, and the  arc-shaped cushion makes the wrapping of sitting on it more fit.

Luxury Villa House Livingroom Sofa

Luxury Villa House Livingroom Sofa

The living room is always the leading role of the home. The fabric of the sofa can be adjusted according to different family environments. Ekar accepts custom fabric, the frame adopts mahogany solid wood and shell parquet, and the paint adopts gold foil aging process, which makes this classic furniture blossom into a modern atmosphere with bright colors.

Shell Luxury Coffee table

Luxury Villa House Livingroom coffe table

Coffee table is matching sofa while, besides the need to match on design, also need to match on colour, the craft of coffee table also used the practice of dining table, deserve to go up crystal   knob at the same time, make its match with white frame.

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