Popular Modern Furniture Designers to Know: Spotlighting EKAR's Inspirations

Discover the world of modern furniture design and its most iconic designers. Dive into EKAR Furniture's inspirations and learn how the brand harmoniously blends timeless classics with contemporary sensibilities, ensuring a unique style that's both elegant and forward-thinking.

August 14, 2023

Popular Modern Furniture Designers to Know: Spotlighting EKAR's Inspirations

Modern furniture design is more than just sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics; it's a reflection of society's evolution, a testament to the creativity of countless designers who dare to reimagine the traditional and embrace the new. In the rapidly evolving world of furniture design, it's vital to recognize those who set trends and redefine the definition of 'modern'. Today, we’re going to spotlight some of the most influential modern furniture designers who have inspired many, including the distinct collections at EKAR Furniture.

Famous for his Tulip table and chairs, Eero Saarinen’s designs encapsulated the post-war American dream. His futuristic approach to form and function resonated deeply with EKAR’s vision of pushing design boundaries.

This dynamic duo changed the landscape of American furniture design. Their Lounge Chair and Ottoman are iconic and have influenced EKAR’s emphasis on comfort combined with style.

The Spanish designer is known for her playful approach to materials and colours. Her influence can be seen in the way EKAR's pieces blend diverse textures and hues, ensuring each piece is as unique as the homes they adorn.

Starck’s Ghost Chair, a modern twist on the classic Louis XVI armchair, is a testament to how traditional elements can be reimagined in contemporary contexts. EKAR echoes this sentiment by marrying classic features with modern sensibilities.

His avant-garde approach to metals and his sculptural designs have left an indelible mark on the modern furniture landscape. At EKAR, we too appreciate the versatility and strength of metals, often incorporating them into our designs for both aesthetics and durability.

Though primarily an architect, Hadid's futuristic furniture pieces are a class apart. Her seamless and fluid designs mirror EKAR’s vision of creating furniture that's both functional and a work of art.

While EKAR Furniture has its unique style and design narrative, the influences of these iconic designers are undeniable. By taking inspiration from the best, EKAR ensures its furniture is not only in vogue but also timeless. After all, good design, be it classic or modern, is eternal. And at EKAR, we strive to bring you nothing but the best, with each piece telling its story, shaped by the past, present, and future of furniture design.

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