First release | Shenzhen 2000㎡ luxury house, worth 1 billion, a paradise for art collectors!

Discover how EKAR FURNITURE transforms luxury living with its bespoke villa project, featuring full-case design and whole-house customization. Explore the seamless blend of modern and classic elements, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and quality.

First release | Shenzhen 2000㎡ luxury house, worth 1 billion, a paradise for art collectors!

2000㎡ luxury house |

The sea and sky are the same color, and the mountains and cities are in harmony. Even in the bustling Shenzhen, you can enjoy a natural and perfect residence. It creates a high-end art palace in a variety of styles. All innovations are just to let you experience the unique boutique luxury homes.

Today we came to Shenzhen to see what a mansion worth 1 billion looks like.

The building has a total area of 2000 square meters, with various artistic masterpieces placed indoors and the surrounding scenery echoing each other, achieving a clever balance of artistic beauty. The mansion is built by the seaside, introducing a true ocean atmosphere and penetrating the space, giving people an immersive experience.

The interior exudes an aesthetic and artistic atmosphere, with carefully designed handicrafts arranged in each area to create a more colorful inner environment.

The space adopts a rotating gate design, and the entrance is decorated with unique handicrafts. The cats and people in the painting are particularly vivid, as if they are about to enter a real room in the next second.

The large living room features high-end side tables, sofas, and coffee tables, creating an elegant and luxurious style.

In the storage cabinet sat an Italian artist with his back to the famous painting "Yun". Various trendy handmade items are placed around to create a unique landscape.

The restaurant can accommodate 12 people at the same time, providing a better daily experience by rotating the desktop and ceiling fashionable candlestick lampholders.

In addition, the hall is rendered in grayish green, making people feel cold and peaceful. The appearance of the pink sofa gives a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

The overall area exudes a charming artistic atmosphere, highlighting personal character. Divide the marble wall with soft curves, creating a ripple pattern.

The surface of the orderly arranged pillars is rich in artistic texture.

Specially hanging an abstract painting on the marble main wall is captivating, using artistic forms to construct a more pure natural relationship.

The tea room is decorated in wood color, blending simple furniture with the surrounding scenery to create a more elegant atmosphere.

There is a private leisure area in the basement, and a rest area is renovated on the second basement floor. The black and brown blend rendering is used, combined with full lines and textures to showcase the spiritual healing power of the space.

There is a collection room on the second floor of the basement, which is connected to the two floors through a rotating staircase.

Another large living room is full of trendy atmosphere, featuring various cartoon art decorations, making the area full of childlike charm and fun.

The public area is like an exhibition hall of art, and the bedroom will be a resting place. The bedroom lacks too much flashy decoration and emphasizes the use of neutral colors, with the aim of creating a more peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment.

The exquisite changing room neatly arranges various clothes, and the evenly arranged niches can be changed into storage cabinets at any time.

Turning around and entering the outdoor space, there is a clean courtyard outside, which highlights the unique temperament of traditional mountain m

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